Widow of murdered convenience store clerk: 'I had a bad feeling'

Posted at 6:25 PM, Nov 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-11 18:25:47-05

The widow of the convenience store manager who was shot and killed in Lake Wales two weeks ago told reporters Friday she “had a feeling some bad” was happening.

Mohammed Allam had just closed up for the evening and began to walk to his car when investigators believe two men ran up to rob him, likely thinking he had the night deposit.

They took his wallet, pants, and cell phone and then shot the man.

“Something is wrong with my husband, I feel it,” said Arzina Hafsa through tears on Friday about her late husband.

Hafsa had just received a call from Allam about an hour before the shooting occured. He called to tell her he was closing soon and coming home.

Medics rushed him to the hospital where he later died.

“Doctor came and hold my hand and said he’s no more, he’s no more,” Hafsa said.

Allam became a United States citizen in 2007 and is described as a hard working businessman. He had two kids with his wife, ages 11 and four.

“She said the toughest question that she has to answer for her kids is ‘when is daddy coming home’,” said Deputy Chief of Lake Wales PD Troy Schulze.

Investigators said they found the victim's cell phone a couple of miles from the scene and they are currently waiting to determine if any fingerprints on the device can help them track down the suspects.

For now their best piece of evidence is grainy surveillance video of the two men running away.

“We become hopeful with each call that comes in. We would like to encourage people to continue to call but so far each of the leads have washed out,” he said.

Crimestoppers is now offering a five thousand dollar reward for any information on the case leading to an arrest.

They are reminding the community that you can remain completely anonymous even when receiving payment.