Identity thief on the loose in Tampa Bay area

Posted at 11:23 PM, Feb 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-03 00:06:22-05
Detectives are trying to identify a man who they say has stolen several people's identities in central Florida.
In Polk County, law enforcement knows about one victim. He reported the crime to authorities and they said he caught it early.
Christian Navarro said he started getting credit cards in the mail in mid-December that he did not sign up for and he became suspicious. Navarro said he only has two credit cards and he said the unidentified man opened nine more credit cards under his name.
"Knowing that somebody else is creating credit accounts in my name with all my personal info is a little disconcerting and makes me feel a bit vulnerable," Navarro said.
Authorities believe the mysterious man has posed as several people in Florida, including in Apopka, and opened phony credit cards, spending thousands of dollars. Polk County sheriff’s spokesman Scott Wilder said the total amount could be around $10,000.
"All he wants to do is spend that money as quickly as possible because then he'll either take them, return them for cash or he'll take that property he's got and sell it either on the internet, at yard sales or flea markets that kind of thing," Wilder said.
If you recognize the suspect, contact the Polk County Sheriff's Office, Crime Stoppers or your local law enforcement agency.