How to prepare your pets before Hurricane Irma

Posted at 1:47 PM, Sep 06, 2017

Ahead of the potentially catastrophic storm, Irma, the last thing you want to forget about are your pets.

ABC Action News reached out to experts to find out what to do with both indoor and outdoor pets ahead of the storm.

Companion Animal Hospital in Lakeland suggests the follow precautions.

  1. Fills your pets’ medications
  2. If your pet is a highly stressed animal, consult a vet about anti-anxiety meds for the storm.
  3. Make sure you also buy extra food and water for you pet.
  4. Do not leave your pet behind if you are evacuating.
  5. Shelters must let pets in if their owners are required to evacuate, it’s federal law during a natural disaster.
  6. Boarding is a smart alternative if you are leaving the area and cannot bring your pets with.
  7. For outdoor animals, make sure they are on high ground and inside a safe shelter.
  8. Make sure to provide enough food and water for outdoor animals.


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