HOA tells parents to keep kids quiet while playing outside

Posted at 11:18 PM, Nov 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-18 23:18:07-05

"It had everything that we wanted," said Jamie Brauer.

Brauer and her family left the windy city of Chicago in March, for the sunshine state, settling in a Polk County subdivision.

"When we came to visit I did see families outside, they marketed right towards people like us," said Brauer.

That's why she was so blown away to receive a note on her door earlier this week.

"It talks about the noise of the children more than once," said Brauer.

The letter which was only delivered to parents on her street, was from the communities HOA. In it, it says there have been complaints of children playing outside in the street and being extremely noisy. It goes on to ask parents to make sure to keep the noise to a minimum.

"As neighbors we all chose this community because its a bedroom community, it's not a 55 plus community," said Brauer.

Brauer says she feels attacked by the local HOA and feels their request to keep children more quiet during daytime hours is going too far.

"I will not tell my kids to stay in the yard and keep it quiet, absolutely not," said Brauer.

But some neighbors disagree telling us off camera many kids are unsupervised and getting in the way of passing cars. The communities HOA is defending the letter tonight saying it was meant to make sure children are playing safely while respecting their neighbors. Brauer on the other hand wants an apology.

"I feel very targeted, I do," said Brauer.