Heavy metal DJ runs for Lakeland Mayor

Posted at 5:02 PM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 17:02:15-04

Local elections are months away, but Lakeland mayoral candidates are already submitting their bids.

One man, Patrick Jones, is already getting a lot of attention. Not for his political background or interest in the area but because of his elaborate hobbies.

“This is a beautiful town, you have to take pride in your town,” Jones said.

Jones was born and raised in Lakeland. At an early age taking interest in heavy metal music and the medium world; yes, as in Taro readings. You could say, he wears many hats.

“Professional taro card reader, astrology, numerologist, you name it,” he said.

But that is just the beginning. By day Jones works at Lakeland Regional Heath as a Sterilizer Technician. He basically cleans up after surgeries.

By night, you can find Jones behind a microphone, in Tampa Bay.

“Welcome to WNMF 88.5 Tampa. You are in the Psycho Realm,” Jones screamed into our microphones. He’s a nighttime volunteer for a heavy metal station.

People around Lakeland think it’s only appropriate for the town to have a unique person running.

“Heavy metal DJ, that is something new and interesting,” Elijah Luckey, a Polk Polytechnic student said.

“Is that like a hobby of his?” Abigail NiNian wondered if Jones had any political experience.

But, these days it doesn’t seem to matter. Breaking the mold has become popular. Voting in faces that you might know, like Clint Eastwood who was dubbed a Mayor in California back in the 1980’s served for two years. And Al Franken, who first was an actor and writer for Saturday Night Live is now the Senator of Minnesota. Of course, we all know the latest strategy of President Donald Trump served him well too, without any experience in office.

“Trump was also an unlikely candidate. Someone that didn’t seem to be very involved in politics but yet he still was elected president,” Luckey said.

So, Jones may be the next and first heavy metal mayor of Lakeland. His way of making a difference and being different at the same time.

“ The way to solve problems is to get up off your couch and do something,” Jones said.

Jones says his platform is to make Lakeland sustainable. He wants to encourage the area to provide new and recyclable energy. Jones also wants to help the homeless.