Former Booster Club President arrested for spending nearly $10,000 of club's money

Posted at 8:31 AM, Jul 27, 2016
The Polk County Sheriff's Office has arrested a former Kathleen High Booster Club President for fraud and grand theft. 
On Tuesday, July 26, Detectives arrested Aaron Wilborn, 33, of Plant City for using the booster club credit card to spend over $9,800 of their money, on himself from 2014 to 2015. During that time, he was the volunteer President of the Kathleen High School Athletic Booster club. Currently, Wilborn is employed by Merlin Entertainment in Orlando. 
In June of 2015, Wilborn was asked to step down from the board by other board members because they suspected that he was misusing the funds. Those board members requested an audit be done on Wilborn by the Polk County School Board who then contacted the Polk County Sheriff's Office to investigate. 
According to the affidavit, Wilborn unlawfully used the Booster club's credit card over 300 times for fuel, food and personal transactions. Over two years, the club showed a monetary loss of $9,847.74. Wilborn was reportedly using the credit card for fast food, rental cars, movie tickets, entertainment in Tampa and Orlando, personal bills and more. 
Police say Wilborn is not an employee of the school. He was only a volunteer President with the Kathleen High School Athletic Booster Club and he did have access to the Booster Club credit card.
When questioned by police, Wilborn did admit to using the credit card to pay his Sprint bills, his Geico insurance bill, personal fuel purchases, movie theater purchases, and food purchases. He told police he thought he was owed the payments since he was using his personal car and using his personal phone for the club activities. 
Wilborn was arrested and taken into custody. He is charged with one count of scheming to defraud and one count of grand theft. On Wednesday he was released from jail after posting $2,000 bond ($1,000 per charge).