FL college student arrested after posting threats to 'shoot school up' if she failed her math test

The Polk State College student posted 2 threats
Posted at 2:20 PM, Apr 07, 2017

A Polk State College student has been arrested after she posted two threatening messages against the college on her Facebook page on Wednesday, April 4.

Scarlett R. "Dakota" Tuck, 19, was arrested on Wednesday for "written threat to kill or injure." 

Deputis with the Polk County Sheriff's Office say Tuck made two threats. She posted "If I don't pass math I'm gonna shoot the school up" and "I failed my math test so don't come to school tomorrow."

When deputies spoke to Tuck, she told them she did post the threats on her alias "Dakota Tuck" Facebook account, but she said she did not intend to "shoot up the school." She told deputies that her posts stemmed from her academic frustrations.

Tuck was booked into the Polk County jail and released on Thursday on $5,000 bond.