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DOC Sergeant among four arrested in Polk County fight

Posted at 9:44 AM, Dec 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-21 10:09:13-05

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. — Authorities say a Department of Corrections Sergeant was among four people arrested Thursday night after a fight at a Winter Haven home.

Police say Quatisha Farlow, 39, drove from Miami with other family members to confront her 18-year-old daughter Ja'raia Farlow over her relationship.

The other family members include Ora Farlow, Ja'raia's father; Shanora Farlow, Ja'raia's aunt; and Sheirra Spillman, Ora's girlfriend.

Around 7:44 p.m. police received calls about a fight at the home involving guns, knives and baseball bats. When they arrived they found 18-year-old Tyrique Laskett, Ja'raia's boyfriend, with injuries to his head, face and upper body.

Police say the fight started when Ora and Sheirra knocked on the front door. When the victim answered, Sheirra hit him in the head with a baseball bat.

Then, police say, Ora and Sheirra started pulling Ja'raia out of the home, attempting to get her into their vehicle. While this was happening, Shanora Farlow hit Tyrique in his abdomen.

Authorities say during the fight, Quatisha went into the car where her 12-year-old son was waiting and retrieved a handgun. She pointed the gun at Tyrique and multiple others, police say.

Police arrested Quatisha Farlow, Ora Farlow, Shierra Spillman and Shanora Farlow.

Quatisha is facing one county of aggravated battery, while Shierra faces two counts of the same charge. Ora and Shanora both face one count of battery.