Owner of dog buried at public park to move grave

Posted at 1:09 PM, Jul 24, 2017

The owner of a dog buried at a public park removed the grave after the City of Lake Wales shared an image on Facebook giving her 48 hours to do so.

The city posted an image of the grave site on their Facebook page on Monday hoping to find the owner of the dog buried at Lake Wailes Park.

The post stated, "While we are sorry for your loss..this was not appropriate."

Whoever dug the grave placed solar lights around the site, brought their own mulch and even a hand written grave stone. 

The grave stone appears to read, "RIP Jessie Girl".

The post stated that the city expects the owner to remove the grave site and the dog within 48 hours. "Or we will remove it," the city wrote in the post.

On Tuesday, the City of Lake Wales stated that the female dog owner was located and the dog was removed after a donor stepped forward to help with both the removal and cremation.

According to the city, Lake Wales Code of Ordinances 2-626 regulates rules about interments..its unlawful for remains to be buried anywhere on City ground except designated cemeteries. Florida statutes prohibit disposal of dead animals in public areas and state that animals should be buried 2 feet below the ground.