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You can swim with the fish at St. Pete Beach's RumFish Grill

RumFish Grill
Posted at 12:18 PM, Nov 11, 2021

ST. PETE BEACH, Fla. — On St. Pete Beach you can swim with the fish over at RumFish Grill.

The massive tank in the middle of the restaurant is actually something you can snorkel in.

The program is thanks to the restaurant's partnership with the Marine Exploration Center.

The goal is for the public to get up close and educational experience to the fish.

Alexis Hoffstadter with Tradewinds Resorts said, "We're very lucky that partnership is able to help us to educate folks in the area, as well as to rehab some of the animals. So we've got some of this wildlife that actually comes off of our shores as well as it's brought in so that we can help to give them an environment that makes sense for our guests, as well as for the animals."

It's $35 to swim with the fish. You can read more about the experience by clicking here.

The restaurant also has a juvenile tank and a predator fish tank.

"Those predator fish are really neat because we've got lionfish that are in there. And as most people know, those are invasive to the reef. So they've got a home here that's protected. And then we educate folks on sort of some of the ins and outs of what we would like to do to be able to preserve the fish outside of the reef," explained Hoffstadter.