U.S. Representative David Jolly said campaign ad of him supporting Donald Trump is fraudulent

Posted at 7:32 PM, Oct 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-12 19:32:47-04

U.S. Represantive David Jolly claims numerous photos in an ad paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee are photoshopped. Jolly not only wants the ad pulled but is also looking into legal action.

The ad clearly portrays a close relationship between republican David Jolly and his party's presidential nominee.

It says in part, "I imagine Donald Trump being sworn in as president and then imagine David Jolly in Congress supporting Donald Trump's dangerous agenda."

"It is a lie," said U.S. Representative David Jolly.

Jolly said all of the photos in the ad are photoshopped
"I have never met Donald Trump. I have never had a conversation with Donald Trump. I have never been in a room with Donald Trump," said Jolly.

Going against typical political protocol, Jolly has not endorsed Trump rather publicly denounced his actions.

"I said no candidate that boasts about sexual assault should be qualified to be president of the United States," said Jolly.

Jolly calls it fraud. Lawyers for the DCCC, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that paid for the add stand by it.

In a letter they wrote the word "dramatization" is clearly displayed that along with the language in the ad, specifically the word "imagine" makes it legal.

A spokesperson in an email also stood by the message.

"David Jolly can’t take issue with the facts that he, like Donald Trump, would outlaw women’s right to choose and defend Planned Parenthood, so instead he is trying to keep voters from hearing about his record. The truth hurts, and no matter how hard Jolly tries to keep voters from hearing it, they will know exactly how similar Jolly is to Trump when they walk into the voting booth.” – Jermaine House, DCCC Spokesman

But Jolly who is also an attorney said.

"It crosses a legal line."

His lawyer sent this letter to all TV stations, including ABC Action News asking to pull the ad off air.

The letter said in part "simply including the word dramatization does not allow an advertiser to display fraudulent images."

Jolly is an a tight race for re-election against former Republican Governor turned Democrat Charlie Crist.
Both men are vying for the 13th Congressional District seat. But on this issue he wants his opponents support.

"Join me on calling on the Democratic National Party. Take down an ad that is lying to the people of Pinellas county." said Jolly.

Action News tried reaching out to Crist and are still waiting for a response.  Jolly said  this just strengthens the push for one of his platforms, campaign finance reform.

"The reason why is specifically for ads like this one," said Jolly