Safety Harbor man's trip to store turns into a nightmare after he was allegedly stalked & threatened

Posted at 11:17 PM, Dec 27, 2016

A Safety Harbor man is facing serious charges after deputies said he threatened a stranger after an argument.

Pinellas County Deputies charged Robert Zoffer with aggravated stalking and aggravated assault after an incident early Tuesday morning.

According to deputies, Zoffer and the victim had some sort of argument inside and outside the 24 hours Walgreens located at McMullen and Enterprise in Safety Harbor.

Andy Ripke said his brother-in-law was the man threatened by Zoffer.

"Apparently, it started on the way to Walgreens then escalated from there and then he was threatened with a gun and was told that he'll find him," Ripke said.

Deputies said Zoffer followed the victim and even went as far as tracking down his house, passing by it twice and at one point leaving a note on the victim's vehicle.

Ripke said he took a picture of the note, which read in part assault expect to hear from cops soon. Deputies said Zoffer almost hit the victim as he tried to get away. Authorities said instead Zoffer slammed into an SUV Ripke was working on.

"Oh yeah he was screaming. He thought he did no wrong. He said all I did was hit a car. Why am I going to jail," Ripke said.

Ripke said they are heading to court tomorrow.

"Well, if this is all we got out of it -a damaged vehicle and a suspect behind bars for something- than we're blessed," Ripke said.