Students, parents speak out after school brawl

Posted at 10:40 PM, May 24, 2016

Two of the 10 students arrested on Tuesday during a day of violent fights at Tarpon Springs High School said they snapped after months of bullying.

“All of this could have been avoided, when I went to that school and told you, and gave you a list of names of girls that are taunting my kids at school,” Amanda Simmons said.

Simmons said she wanted us to interview her and her daughter so viewers could see what her daughter is going through.

“When she charged at my sister, that's when I said you are not going to fight my little sister,” Mikayla Simmons said. “(I was upset)  at the fact that I had to get physical with somebody. The last straw was when she tried to come after my sister,” Simmons said.

The video is graphic. But Mikayla said she was fed up. After her mom watched the video she had this to say.  

“(I see) frustration, anger, her being pissed off, and tired of it,” Simmons said.  

Kybreanna Turnbo, who was also arrested, said a school resource officer warned her minutes before that another girl wanted to fight her.

“The police officer that was there had told me to come here and he was like to watch out and watch your sisters back because I heard you and your sisters would be getting to fighting,” Turnbo said.  

Turnbo's mom, Benita Brown, wants to know why the officer warned his daughter’s and didn't report it to the school administrators.

“My thing is if you had time to find her and warn her why couldn't you call it over the intercom and ask her to come to the office?”  Brow asked.  “Why didn't you call me? None of that happened, as a result they ended up fighting and now facing expulsion.”

Tarpon Spring High typically has two school resource officers on campus at all times. Extra officers will be on campus Wednesday and may be for the rest of the week.  

Pinellas county school officials say they are still working to investigate the recent fights and is working to determine next steps. We’re told student safety is top priority.