St. Petersburg police offer engraver to identify your belongings

Posted at 4:58 PM, Jun 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-28 16:58:10-04

As part of Operation Identification, the St. Petersburg Police Department is encouraging people to mark their valuables by offering an engraver for people to take home and borrow.

The program allows people to mark their valuables with important identifying factors like your driver's license number.

Police will allow you to borrow their Dremel engraver by checking it out and taking it home to mark specific items.

Authorities suggest anything that someone can walk off with: Televisions, computers, gaming consoles like your Xbox, lap tops and computers. 

"Anything that can be carried away, we want you to mark it with your driver's license and the state it was issued from," said officer Mark Williams.

Williams suggests not using your Social Security number because that can easily be stolen. 

Property that can't be engraved, like antiques, jewelry or coins should have detailed pictures taken. 

Along with allowing police to get found property back to the right owners, the program helps to notify local consignments shops and pawn shops that the property may belong to someone else. 

Eric Davis with the Gold Spot in Pinellas Park said he requires property ID before buying items from the public, so engravings on things like electronics will raise a red flag if there are not matches. 

For more information about the program for St. Petersburg residents call Crime Prevention Officer Mark Williams at 727-893-7128.