Cody's Original Roadhouse restaurant in St. Petersburg closes without warning

Posted at 11:20 PM, Apr 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-24 02:46:41-04

"I would just never leave somebody high and dry like that's not my nature so,” said Shannon McCarthy.

The note on the door is white.

"They never came out and told us, specifically said, hey we're closing,” said McCarthy.

But for Shannon McCarthy and about 40 employees, servers, managers, cooks and hostesses, the notice might as well be pink.

"Really panicked,” said McCarthy when she read it. "The girl who got hired with me she has three children and she had just left a job that she had worked at for numerous years-- another restaurant job and there were some other employees that I knew had worked there for many, many years."

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Cody's Original Roadhouse off 4th Street North in St. Pete suddenly closed its doors Thursday after 19 years.

Customers seemed confused and so is McCarthy after finishing her last shift the day before.

"I started in March. I was really excited. I passed my server test,” she said.

The other sign on the door says employees can pick up their last paychecks from a payroll company. State records show the restaurant owner is Jeanne Egan.

We knocked at her St. Pete home but no one came to the door.

In years past, online records show the restaurant usually filed their annual reports with the state by now but they haven't to date this year.

"This is my main source of income so it to be gone without any notice is a huge shock,” explained McCarthy.

Now folks like McCarthy looking for new jobs so they can make monthly expenses.

"I am ready to work," said McCarthy.