Cops: St. Pete mom sat on, licked for four hours

Posted at 6:06 PM, May 05, 2016

A St. Pete mother was held against her will, sat upon and licked for four hours by an estranged boyfriend, police say.

Renard Simmons, 43, of 3421 17th Avenue South in St. Petersburg, is now charged with throwing a deadly missile into an occupied vehicle, battery, false imprisonment and witness tampering.

According to police, Simmons restrained the woman for four hours by sitting on her and placing a pillow over her head, then licking and touching her against her will.

The woman was also prevented from calling 911, police say.  Simmons is accused of hiding her phone.

When the woman tried to leave and made it to the car with her two children, police say Simmons threw a broom handle through the back windshield of the car.

The windshield shattered onto one of the young children who was restrained in a child seat, an arrest affidavit states.