Report of possible creepy clown sighting near Largo High School

Posted at 5:27 PM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-29 17:00:48-04

The Pinellas County Sheriffs Office is looking into a report of a possible Creeping Clown sighting near Largo High School on Wednesday.

Sheriff's spokesman Kavontae Smalls confirms that the office received a report from a Largo mother on Wednesday afternoon.

Smalls said the person was reportedly dressed in a yellow polka dot clown suit, white mask with yellow eyes and red hair, and red clown shoes. 

The complainant took to social media after her daughter said there was a clown at her bus stop off Trotter Road near 134th Avenue. 

The post read, "so I just received a call from my daughter stating that there was a clown at her bus stop!"

Smalls said the clown was hidden in some bushes, and when the teen saw it and ran the clown chased after her.

This sighting comes a week after an Ocala clown sighting was caught on video of someone in a mask standing along a dark road. 

The video has generated 1.1M views on Facebook. 

Sightings have increased across the country from Colorado to Virginia to Tennessee. 

However, several of them have been confirmed hoaxes. 

The Pinellas County Sheriffs Office said the fake calls across the country take away resources. Smalls adds it is a criminal act, and can be considered harrasing.

The school district said they are not aware of a sighting.