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Pinellas Park police officer rushes into burning home to save 73-year-old man trapped inside

Officer hailed hero after saving man from fire
Posted at 6:02 PM, Oct 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-28 18:22:38-04

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. -- A Pinellas Park officer is being hailed as hero after rushing into a burning home to save a man trapped inside.

The fire happened early Friday morning on October 25 when a home on 70th Avenue caught fire.

Eugene Robbins stared helplessly as the smoke got stronger at his next-door neighbor's house.

"It was just pouring right out and rolling up to the sky," he described.

Officer Jeffrey DeTrano arrived to hear 73-year-old Christopher Jones was still inside.

"There was definitely adrenaline," said DeTrano, "Your main concern was getting that person out making sure they were OK."

He kicked through a fence and peered through a window to see Jones down on his knees. DeTrano ran through the back door and drags the man out to safety.

"I signed up for this job to serve and protect and to help save lives. Being able to help him get out of that house... was pretty awesome," said DeTrano.

Robbins saw the rescue in action.

"They got him out and they said — one more minute and he would have been gone," he said of his neighbor.

The young officer insists on one thing.

"I know the word ‘hero’ has been thrown around a little bit. I just consider myself doing the job," he said.

We asked DeTrano what it was he first did when he arrived home.

"I took a shower because when you got to a fire scene it sticks to your clothes. So I smelled," he laughed.

Now, he's being considered for the PD's highest recognition the Medal of Honor.