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Pinellas County mom highlights high school seniors through Facebook page

Posted at 3:36 PM, May 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-01 18:12:51-04

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — A Pinellas County mother wants to make sure high school seniors aren't forgotten during the pandemic.

Regan Stevens took to social media to highlight the soon to be graduates with the Facebook page, Adopt a Pinellas Co. High School Senior.

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The student's pictures and stories are placed on the page and anyone can adopt them.

"Most of them are getting adopted by strangers so it's amazing because people that don't know each other are still coming out and being generous," Stevens said. "People are sending things like cards. They're putting posters on people's garages. They are bringing over gift baskets. Student's favorite candies. Just all different things that bring a smile to their face."

Stevens' daughter, Sage, was one of them. Her friend dropped off a University of Central Florida T-shirt to keep her spirits up. Sage was set to have multiple graduations, but like so many others, her graduations have bee postponed.

"I was doing early college program through SPC so I was actually going to have three graduations. One for high school, one for SPC and one just like early college," Sage said. "It's really helpful to know that everyone is going through this too and it's not just me."

In less than a week, the Facebook group grew to more than a thousand members.

"Students are getting adopted rapidly. The most that a student goes without being adopted has been about 16 hours," Stevens said. "Some people say they have to turn off the computer because they are just adopting so many seniors that they have to make themselves step away."

The pandemic may have stripped people of their daily routines, but it strengthened people's compassion.

For more information about the Adopt a High School Senior project, click here.