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Pinellas Co. property appraiser's band opening for Everclear as live music returns

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Posted at 3:59 PM, Mar 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-25 11:20:15-04

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — When Mike Twitty isn't appraising a property, you can find him shredding the guitar with his two sons.

After waiting more than a year to get back on stage, Twitty, a Pinellas County Property Appraiser, and his band, Folk University, will be opening for Everclear on April 2 at Fergs in St. Pete.

"We all need an outlet. Some people play golf, some people play tennis," said Twitty.

Alongside this elected official are his two sons, Zachary on the keyboard and Sam on the drums, while the Twitty brothers' childhood friend Andrew Cadavid slaps the bass.

"It gives you pride to know that your kids are following in your footsteps to some degree, and they are getting that same pleasure out of music," said Twitty. "I saw the difference music made in my life, having it all throughout, and it was something I wanted to pass onto my kids."

For the past year, the Twitty's own family living room in Largo has served as their music sanctuary as they waited for concert venues to reopen.

"I don't really have any other outlets to play music live like this, so it's really enjoyable being able to come here, practice here," said Cadavid.

Twitty even reverted to taking requests from his staff over Zoom meetings.

"To challenge myself, I let them all submit songs, and I pick one of their songs, and I perform that for them," said Twitty.

Then came the news they'll never forget; live shows weren't only returning, but Folk University was asked to open for the band Everclear.

"I've never opened for someone who has been a chart-topper like Everclear," said Twitty.

"We were actually at the gym the other day, and one of Everclear's songs came on the radio, and we we're like, 'Wow! We are going to be opening for these guys,' and it was super cool it kind of just hit," said Sam Twitty.

It's especially sentimental for Mike, who played in Ferg's original house band in the early 90s when the bar first opened, and now here he is, playing 30 years later, with his own sons.

"You know, 'is it time to hang it up, do I really want to keep doing this,' and once you get in front of an audience and you see their reaction that reinforces why you do it," said Twitty.

The show begins at 7 p.m. on April 2. For more information, go to or