Pinellas County Animal Services offering Coyote Seminars to homeowners and community groups

Posted at 12:38 AM, Jun 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-15 07:46:16-04

There are so many coyote sightings in Pinellas County, Animal Services says it stopped plotting them on a map, because there isn't enough space.

Harry NyKamp lives in Eastlake Woodlands. He hid a camera in an old trash can to catch coyotes roaming through his yard at night. Already the camera spotted two coyotes.

"Don't wish to encounter them," said NyKamp.

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Doug Brightwell with Pinellas County Animal services says, "If you can find a coyote, let it go."

That is because he says they are here to stay. There are too many coyotes out there so the county does not try to catch them. Instead, Animal Services officials go into communities to educate homeowners on what to do if you see one.

"We present to schools, churches, homeowner's associations. Any group that wants to have a presentation on coyotes," said Brightwell.

First things first, keep your animals inside as coyotes prey on them.

"If they love their animals they should keep them protected," said NyKamp.

Although if you have a dog, you have got to walk it.

Nykamp says one night a neighbor of his was walking her dog when she noticed something odd.

"There was something circling her while she was walking her dog. She put the flashlight on and it was a coyote circling her," he said.

She picked the dog up and went home.

Brightwell says another option, scare them off by making loud noises.

If you'd like Animal Services to come out all you have to do is call. They typically do two to three presentations a month.