Mom furious man who shot pellets at her son won't face charges

Posted at 11:21 PM, Sep 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-13 23:21:33-04

A mother is upset a man will not be charged with a crime after firing pellets at a group of kids and teens.

Lisa Greene said the incident happened Sunday night in her neighborhood. She said her son was two blocks away from their home while she was watching her grandson at home. She said her son was shot 7 times.

Authorities said Greene's son joined other kids and teens, volunteering to play a game.

"He, (the man), said step forward, if it's okay with you and your parents. My son never came and asked me if he could be shot with a bb gun," Greene said.

Greene said as soon as her son told her the story, she called police.

"(An) 8-year-old cannot give verbal consent or written consent and if that bb would have hit him in the eye or any place else it could have killed my son," Greene said.

The Pinellas Park police department said they looked into the case, contacting the State Attorney's Office and they were told a crime had not been committed.

According to police, while the man used poor judgment when he fired plastic pellets from an airsoft gun, it appears there was no intent to cause any harm.

Greene disagrees. She said she will continue fighting the decision not to file charges against the man.

"The only person that had a bb gun was the adult. None of the kids had a bb gun whatsoever," Greene said.