Mobile home park in Clearwater finally gets power restored

Posted at 5:09 PM, Sep 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-06 17:09:41-04

Six days after severe flooding in Clearwater, 90 families now have power again at Mariners Cove Mobile Home Park. 

Flood waters from storms from Hurricane Hermine displaced dozens of people off Ulmerton Road for several days.

Mariners Cove owned by Riverstone Communities LLC out of Michigan tells us they put several families in motels because there was no power nor working sewer. 

The delay in restoring power wasn't because of the power company, Duke Energy, but because of a piece of electric equipment that broke from flooding.

Duke Energy was unable to restore power until a county inspector was able to approve the fixed damages. 

The regional manager for Mariners Cove said they were told Tuesday would be the earliest to fix the problems because of the holiday weekend. 

Something county officials deny, saying they work around the clock and were asked to schedule an appointment for 12:30 on Tuesday. 

Heather Stamper, just moved into the mobile home park a few weeks before the storm hit with no idea about the flooding history. 

Stamper was upset in the delay of power, no matter who was at fault, "this is people's livelihoods, they know that the people who live here don't have a lot of money, they know people who live here don't have fabulous credit and that's why we live here."

Stamper talked with ABC Action News after an individual landlord who owns the trailer she's renting neglected to tell her about the conditions during storms. 

"She took advantage of me," talking about paying a $500 deposit that she was struggling to get back. 

While ABC News was with Stamper, she found out she was able to get her deposit back when her things are moved out.

She is working on moving things, and will likely stay in a motel until she can afford a new place to stay.