Sex offender accused in Largo murder plot

Posted at 2:25 PM, May 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-09 16:14:14-04

A registered sex offender and an 89-year-old man suffering from dementia are at the center of a Largo murder plot.

Largo Police say Blaise Cook, 52, tried killing his spouse's sister, Joyce O'Connor, on May 5.

O'Connor is legal guardian of her brother, Russell Peachey, and his full-time caregiver.

Peachey is recovering from throat cancer and cannot speak.  He also is suffering from dementia and cannot make his own decisions.

"He is a good brother," said O'Connor while choking back tears.  "I wouldn't want to have to be without him."

O'Connor, a retired correction's officer, spends her days caring for her elderly brother around the clock at his Largo condo.  She even feeds him through a tube four times a day.

It is this love for her brother and her concern for his well-being that almost cost O'Connor her life.


On the morning of May 5, O'Connor told ABC Action News she awoke to find a man passed out in the screened in back porch.

The man had burglary tools and the screen had been sliced open, police say.

O'Connor told ABC Action News when she looked outside, she immediately recognized the man by the tattoos covering his arm, it was Blaise Cook.

She immediately called 911.

Police say Cook intended to use a suction cup to cut a hole in the sliding glass door but passed out because he was so intoxicated.

"I want to stomp on him," O'Connor explained.

At first, police thought Cook was just trying to burglarize the home but later realized there was a much more sinister plan.  At Cook's home, police say they found a five page manifesto detailing how Cook intended to kill O'Connor and then kill himself.

"He was going to kill me and watch me die slowly," O'Connor said.

According to police, Cook planned the murder for a week and intended on choking O'Connor to death. 


O'Connor recounted the ordeal to ABC Action News and believes money is the motive for the planned crime.

She says back in late February, Cook, a registered sex offender, had befriended her brother. 

One afternoon, without the family's permission, Cook picked Peachey up and took him to the Pasco County Courthouse.

"In other words, he shanghaied him and took him out of here in the clothes that he was in, took no medicine with him," O'Connor said.

The family says Cook managed the unthinkable, getting a judge to marry him and Peachey.

"He changed his name to Peachey now, his last name, I said, 'He'll never be a Peachey,'" she said.

At the time, O'Connor had been petitioning the courts to become her brother's guardian.  Just days after the wedding, a judge granted that request.

O'Connor immediately cut off her brother's contact with Cook but not before she claims irreversible financial damage was done to her brother.

She estimates Cook wiped out almost $400,000 from her brother's bank accounts.

"I cut off his money source," O'Connor explained.

Police believe that's why Cook wanted to kill O'Connor.

"I am just thankful I am alive and my brother is OK," O'Connor said.

The family has hired an attorney who is challenging the marriage.

Cook is behind bars after receiving medical treatment.

He is being held on more than $100,000 bond.

He is also facing several charges including attempted first degree murder.