Hurricane Hermine hurts beach businesses this Labor Day weekend

Posted at 6:37 PM, Sep 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-05 18:37:34-04

Hurricane Hermine may be gone, but her financial wrath is still swirling over Tampa Bay.

Beach businesses hit hard by Hermine, forced to close for several days. Now they're back open but tourists aren't packing the beach like they normally do on Labor Day.

"It's relatively bare right now and for us, the beach is not, not busy and like I said for Labor Day holiday, it's not too many people out right now," water safety manager for the city of Clearwater Patrick Brafford said.

Crews are working to get the beach back in order, but open spots on the beach mean visitors aren't spending money at businesses.

Tourist hot spot Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise was forced to shut down four days last week. Many people coming in from out of town couldn't make it to Clearwater Beach at all.

"A lot of people have canceled their plans we have done what we can to accommodate them reschedule them bring them in Saturday, Sunday and today but for a lot of these people you know they're here for two weeks and there's nothing we can do for them," office manger Melissa Reed said.

In St. Pete, Hurricane Hermine flooded roads and forced Critters Cafe to close early four nights, lowing about two thirds of their business. Tourists still aren't back.

"People knew that it was going to hit here so they changed their plans and it doesn't seem like it's been as busy this weekend as normal," server Kenn Hendricks said.

The Clarke family still made it all the way from England. They're happy to fill the empty beach chairs.

"It's the best place we've been in Florida, nicest place," Nick Clarke said.

That's just what business owners want to hear, as they hope sunny days ahead will help them re-coup some of their losses.