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HOA now allowing Clearwater police officer to park cruiser in driveway

Posted at 6:11 PM, Sep 11, 2019

EAST LAKE, Fla. -- A Clearwater police officer who was previously told she could not park her marked cruiser in her driveway is now getting permission from the homeowners association.

The officer's family had a grandfather letter from the previous board telling them they could park the cruiser in the driveway. While the current HOA didn't honor that for weeks, they have now changed their minds.

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The family is now allowed to park one marked cruiser in their East Lake driveway.

The rule itself, however, remains in place. The HOA's attorney specifically told the family that if they move, they are legally required to tell the future owners that if they have a law enforcement or government-issued vehicle, they can't park it in the driveway.

This rule, in general, is something that two state leaders are perplexed by, vowing to try and change the law so this doesn't happen to other first responder families in the state.

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We've tried asking Holiday Isles Management, the HOA managing Cross Pointe in East Lake Woodlands, about the rule but they have told us multiple times that they have no comment.

The family's attorney, Kelly Blum, released the following statement:

"My clients are pleased Cross Pointe Homeowners Association, Inc., came to its senses, at least in this particular instance. The good guys won.

Still, they understand the particular restriction remains in effect as to other Members of the association. This is unfortunate. At issue is whether the particular restriction is reasonable. Clearly, the overwhelming reaction of the good people of this jurisdiction and nation-wide demonstrates the restriction is, on its face, unreasonable.

There is however, a glimmer of hope that this sort of unreasonable restriction will be legislated out of existence. I understand Tallahassee is considering addressing this particular subject soon. Stay tuned!"