Grandmother beaten senseless while walking her dog wants bond against her attacker raised

Suspect bonded out hours after arrest
Posted at 11:14 PM, Apr 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-17 23:14:29-04

Just hours after Emanuel Qosaj was arrested for the attempted murder of a 75-year-old grandmother, he was out on bond. The victim, who he is accused of choking with a dog chain, was recovering at an area hospital.

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The judge set a bond for Emanuel Qosaj at 20,000 for the attempted murder charge. 

“It’s crazy, it's too low,” the victim who asked us only to identify her as Jane Doe said. 

Jane talked to us from a family member’s home. Terrified to go home, Jane sat quietly at the kitchen table her face battered and bruised.  Both eyes were bright red from where the blood vessels ruptured as the dog leash wrapped tightly around her neck squeezed the life out of her.

“He was out to kill me he said he wanted to kill me,” Jane said. “The thing was around my neck and I could not move. I knew I was dying.  At that moment, I knew I wasn't going to live and in a split second God saved me with my dog.”

Before investigators say Emanuel Qosaj attacked Jane. The two were talking after they ran into each other while walking their dogs. Jane said the conversation was friendly but as she turned to walk away he put the chain around her neck and started choking her. During the attack, Jane said her dog ran away and Qosaj’s dog followed.

“If it wasn’t for this monster going after his dog to beat him I probably would not have been able to get away, and that last bit of strangulation it probably would've been over for me,” Jane said. 

According to the incident report, Qosaj was “biting her face and saying she was evil.”

“He attempted to murder me he just missed by a second,” Jane said.

ABC Action News reporter Michael Paluska looked into three other recent cases where people have been charged with attempted murder to compare bond amounts.

On Jan. 23, Frankie Bybee was arrested and charged with attempted murder after investigators say he tried forcing prescription medication into an elderly woman’s mouth, filled her home with carbon monoxide after the inside garage door was left open and the car was left running. Investigators say Bybee tried to make the woman’s death look like a suicide. His bond started at $1,030,000 but was later lowered to $365,620.

On Jan. 11, Tampa police charged Jeffrey Roldan-Rosa with attempted murder. Tampa police say he fired shots at two officers responding to an auto burglary. No officers were hit. Roldan-Rosa’s bond is more than $100,000.

Oct. 31, a Tampa man was charged with attempted murder after investigators say he fired shots into a building. Calvin Lee Howard didn’t hit anybody. His bond was set at $125,000.

“It's nuts, it’s crazy, it's too low,” Jane said. “He was out to kill me. He said he wanted to kill me. He is dangerous and he will do it again I am sure. He doesn't deserve to be out on the street, he doesn’t. He belongs in jail. He deserves to be put away for life.  He doesn't deserve to walk on this earth again he can't hurt anybody else.”