Eviction suit dropped against disabled Largo couple, search for moving help

Posted at 8:32 AM, Aug 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-12 08:40:33-04

An eviction lawsuit against a disabled Largo couple has been dropped by Oakcrest Mobile Home Park off Ulmerton Road this week. 

Laura and Gene Cox came to ABC Action News when they found out they were being evicted within days with no means to move their mobile home and belongings. 

Along with eviction, the couple was facing back rent and other fees.

Earlier this week, Cox got a call from the mobile home park to let them know they will not be seeking the $700 in back rent and attorney and court costs. 

"I was just running through the house jumping up and down when I heard," said Cox. 

Cox said along with dropping the fees, the couple now has 10 extra days to try and find the means to move. 

"I feel like if I didn't reach out to you we would probably be on the street corner with all our belongings," she said.

The mobile home park has also helped find a buyer, so now they are beginning the process of selling their home. 

"But, we have not found an organization that helps with moving or storage."

Cox has contacted every help agency she could, but could not find emergency assistance with moving costs. 

The Area Agency on Aging of Pasco and Pinellas County was responsive to help the couple's needs, but tell us they couldn't find an organization in their state database of resources to help move people with no money. 

"Just this mattress alone weighs a couple hundred pounds," she said, "I have a pace maker and only part of my right lung so I can't push, pull or drag things."

Her husband, also on disability, unable to help.

The Cox family says they're grateful for the Oakcrest Mobile Home Park to extend their eviction date to try and find the right resources to move and a temporary place. 

As of now, Cox has more than a dozen boxes packed. 

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If there's any moving organizations you know of, the Area Agency on Aging suggests you contact them directly to add resources to their database.

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