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Dunedin walkers help train dogs and clean up the area

Dunedin Walkers
Posted at 5:06 AM, Jul 23, 2021

DUNEDIN, Fla. — If you're ever near Dunedin's Weaver Park in the morning you may have seen Jerry and Barb Lindley.

Jerry is the one with the dogs and Barb is the one picking up trash along the way.

The mission started out as training for the Southeastern Guide Dogs but then Barb got bored and started bringing the supplies to clean up the area.

"Because we go the same route every day. We do four miles an hour, probably four pounds of trash. So this is our cleanup area from now from Marine Street to Weaver Park back down the trail, and home again," explains Jerry.

Barb adds, "I was amazed. And it also keeps my mind occupied. I'm not like, oh, gosh, I'm so tired from walking. You know, it's exciting to know that I'm doing something that's productive."

Of course, they've gotten to know people during their walks over the years but they've become a staple in the community, too.

If you ever see them, make sure you stop and wave hello!