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Dunedin city leaders consider scrapping annual fireworks show for lasers instead

Posted at 2:31 PM, Aug 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-18 18:34:45-04

DUNEDIN, Fla. — Celebrating the Fourth of July means fireworks shows for most people, but this city in Pinellas County might be switching things up.

Dunedin city leaders are discussing scrapping their annual fireworks show. Instead? They'll use lasers.

That’s what they did this year.

“It was great,” Judith Miller said. “I liked it. It was a great view.”

The city couldn’t do the fireworks show because the Dunedin Stadium is under construction.

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Officials moved the celebration to Highlander Park and put on a laser show. Commissioners were shocked and amazed with all the positive feedback.

“it was great for the whole family,” said Miller.

It was a hit with people suffering from PTSD, like veterans and their families. As well as children and pets who don’t like the noise and often get scared.

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“i think it’s really good.”

Debora and Richard Judycki didn’t make this year’s celebration. but they may go next year — especially if the city has the laser show again.

“I think we need to keep with the sensitivity of other people’s needs,” said Debora.

City officials will do some research to see if it would be worth it for the town to get rid of fireworks. They'll also consider use fireworks that are quieter while also incorporating the laser show.

The laser show is cheaper, so the switch would save the city money.

“If they want a way to conserve their funds and still have a decent show, that’s the best way to go about doing it I think,” said Richard.

For those who don’t like this idea, there are several other cities in the Tampa Bay area with fireworks shows, including Dunedin’s neighbor, Clearwater.

The research will take sometime, so this might not go to commissioners for a vote until next year.