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Clearwater salon helps reduce carbon footprint by turning hair clippings into new products like dog beds

Whole Hearted Salon has teamed up with New York-based company Green Circle
Whole Hearted Hair teams up with NY company to repurpose hair waste WFTS VANESSA.png
Posted at 3:07 PM, Jul 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-19 18:18:30-04

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Clients who walk into Alexea Burrell's private hair studio, Whole Hearted Salon, in Clearwater are immediately greeted with warmth.

From the inspirational phrases lining her walls to the plants hanging from her shelves, Burrell has always been eco-conscious. That vibe spreads past her studio as she's partnered with a New York-based company, Green Circle.

The environmentally friendly company takes hair and used products and repurposes them to reduce our carbon footprint.

"In the hair world, we have so much product waste, hair waste. Everything we use even down to the products and their containers can be recycled," Burrell said.

Green Circle reports that 877 pounds of beauty waste is generated every single minute across the U.S. and Canada.

"Everything that is used even down to foils everything that can technically be thrown way is actually just recycled and repurposed," Burrell said.

Once processed in the hair, the foils can be used for car and bike parts.

The extra hair color that Burrell uses, which is vegan, can be broken down. The water is separated and can then be used in sprinklers.

As for all the hair collected it has various new uses. Burrell said it can be repurposed and turned into dog beds for shelters or even recycled bins that are then sent back to salons to collect more product and hair.

Green Circle picks up the waste and takes it to their warehouse where they turn the unwanted items into pellets that can then be reused and recycled.

"It is really interesting that they are finding ways to full circle it back and create less waste and repurpose," Amanda Wilson, who is sold on the efforts, said.

Wilson use to donate her hair but is now finding a new way to help others and the environment.

As for the cost, it costs about $200 each time the waste is collected. Burrell said that breaks down to about three dollars that's passed onto the client.

A small fee for a big mission.

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