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Clearwater R&B singer Khalea Lynee' follows up TV buzz with new hit record

RC Muzik Group's Ryan Copeland is producing her
Khalea Lynee'
Posted at 5:50 AM, Jun 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-01 08:04:29-04

Khalea Lynee' doesn't always know what to say.

But the Clearwater R&B talent with the all-world voice always knows what to sing.

"When I can't explain what I'm feeling verbally, I can explain it through music," she said.

And boy, does she get her point across, a powerful 2022 take on Anita Baker. (Yes, she's that good.)

The 39-year-old singer first captured national attention as a breakout star on the reality-TV show "The Voice."

Now she's releasing her big breakout record, a self-titled EP that's already charting on iTunes thanks to her timeless vocals and classic R&B smolder.

She's trying to stay Zen about this whole fame thing.

"I'm in a grateful state of mind, and that's what keeps me centered," she said.

Born in Washington, D.C., Lynee' was raised by military parents. Her mother was also a pastor. Before the singer even entered the world, Mom bought her a piano.

"Oh, this has all been divine for sure," Lynee' said about the link between her musical journey and her faith.

Helping her harness her powerful chops is another prodigious talent: Ryan Copeland, a producer and multi-instrumentalist who runs Tampa's RC Muzik Group, an independent label and recording studio.

"She's such a great spirit, and who wouldn't want to work with that," said Copeland, a star in his own right who's toured with the Commodores.

"Regardless of what style of music we do," he added, "the number one thing is to make sure her voice, that voice that first captured me, is heard."

To hear more of Khalea Lynee's new EP, click here.