Holiday decorations stolen in Clearwater

Posted at 5:24 PM, Dec 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-14 17:24:55-05

Laser light displays, an inflatable snow globe and an inflatable Santa Claus riding on an airplane are among holiday decorations stolen from outside Clearwater homes over the past 10 days, police report.

The thefts have occurred on Boylan Avenue, Hillcrest Avenue, Betty Lane and Barry Street.

"I think it was wrong for them to do that, stealing something that don't belong to them," said David Bond, who had his inflatable six foot snow globe stolen.

Bond says the decoration is irreplaceable.  It was a limited edition globe featuring Mickey and Minnie, two of Bond's favorite characters.

"Most of this stuff you can replace, but that one, you can't.  It was one of kind," Bond explained.

Bond told ABC Action News he was at home cooking dinner last week Friday when his dogs began to bark.  He says he didn't notice anything awry when he looked out front but a big tree was blocking his view of the globe.

It was only when his significant other returned home that he was told the globe was gone.

Bond is among five residents who have fallen victim to the holiday display thieves.

A 93-year-old woman who children bought her a laser light display had her laser lights stolen.  The retail value is $40.

Clearwater Police are now urging residents with holiday displays to put their initials on the item or some other identifying mark in a discreet location.  If the laser light numbers have a serial number, that number should be recorded and some identifying marks should be etched on to it.  The laser light displays should also be brought inside at night.

However, one family had their laser lights stolen from up in a tree.  The lasers were harnessed in and it would take a ladder to reach them.