See Click Fix app in St. Petersburg allows residents to report standing water, mosquito concerns

Posted at 5:08 PM, Aug 23, 2016

The city of St. Petersburg has added a notice on an interactive phone application they use that will let residents report standing waster issues to city officials. 

St. Pete uses the SeeClickFix app to communicate with residents about issues in their neighborhoods. 

A notice has been posted on Tuesday on the SeeClickFix from St. Petersburg. 

The statement reads: 

Using SeeClickFix to address standing water issues

Small amounts of standing water can pose big problems this time of year as they can quickly become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. It’s important for all St Pete and Pinellas County residents to make sure they are armed with information on how to deal with mosquitoes and eliminate stagnant, standing water whenever possible.

Pinellas County has mosquito control tips on their website, including a number to call, 727-464-7503, for more information.

Additionally, the Florida Department of Health hotline, 855-622-6735, may be contacted for Zika virus information.

Residents may use the SeeClickFix St Pete app and website to report issues like clogged storm water, catch basins, flooding, discarded garbage that could hold water (like old tires), or code violations like un-maintained swimming pools.

The site is already getting a number of reports of mosquito concerns from neighbors in St. Petersburg, some from women pregnant, asking if the city can spray their neighborhood. 

The site lets you take a picture, post a location, and a problem you see in your area.