Advanced manufacturing industry growing

Get certified in six weeks
Posted at 6:07 PM, Sep 14, 2016

We're taking action for you if you want to change careers. Advanced manufacturing is one of the fastest growing industries and the pay is competitive. Now you can land a new job in just 6 weeks.

"I didn't want to work in retail my whole life, I wanted to learn something that I could apply, that I could do," Ben Moore said.

He learned advanced manufacturing. A 6-week certification program through St. Petersburg College landed him a job at Dynamet in Clearwater.

"I actually feel like I'm contributing something where I'm doing something that I enjoy," Moore said.

It's a career that's in-demand. Program coordinator Dr. Jill Flansburg said there are about 30,000 manufacturing jobs in Pinellas County alone.

"There's lots of openings, entry level right now, manufacturers are willing to take you in and train you if you can show the best work ethic possible and you can kind of work your way up the ladder," she said.

The basic certification will teach you vocabulary you need to know to work in the field and tour you through manufacturing companies. They work around your schedule so you can keep your current job.

"We've offered them in the morning for students who work in the evening, we've offered them in the evening for students who work during the day, so we can be flexible to help you in your career change," Flanburg said.

The course is less than $1,000. Money and time well-spent for Moore.

"I was on a pretty tight budget working retail I didn't exactly have a lot but now that I'm working in this oh I can actually afford to pay for more food now!

To start a new certification class, the college just needs 5 to 7 students at a time. Classes are not on a semester schedule.

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