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A Pinellas County woman's TikTok video leads to numerous acts of kindness

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Posted at 9:04 PM, Aug 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-13 07:53:21-04

A Pinellas County woman's TikTok video leads to multiple random acts of kindness.

Marie Still shared a video on TikTok about how her two children went shopping online for school supplies.

"I let my kids order their school supplies on Amazon. It's over $400 dollars worth of school supplies...They sent it to the wrong address," she shared in the TikTok video.

Her children had the school supplies shipped to the wrong address.

"I had done a book giveaway on my Instagram account and the address of the girl who won the book giveaway was changed to my primary. I have no idea so the kids didn't check and they sent $400 dollars worth of supplies to this woman," said Marie Still.

Marni Gesinski lives in Oklahoma. She received numerous boxes of school supplies from Amazon. The boxes contained backpacks, paper, pens, pencils, folders and other school supplies.

"I got a giant box from Amazon. I wasn’t really expecting anything so I opened it up and I just honestly, I just started crying. I kind of assumed one of my friends had sent me a box of school supplies to help out," said Gesinski.

Gesinski has a 6-year-old. Still told her to keep the items instead of shipping them back.

"I told her I was a single mom and that earlier that day I had been going through my budget to see where I could cut things, here and there, because money is really tight in my life right now. I told her it was very much appreciated and would definitely go to use," said Gesinski.

The TikTok video has more than 2 million views. Still asked teachers to post their Amazon Wish List in the comment section of her TikTok video.

Strangers purchased school supplies for teachers. Amazon even commented saying, "Thanks for all you're doing to raise awareness and help #clearthelist. We're happy to have been able to support and have gone in and filled some lists."

Still said one mistake turned into numerous random acts of kindness.

"When I talk to my kids, it was a mistake. I didn't want to get mad at them. I let them feel good about giving," said Still.

"A complete happy accident, meant to be. She could use the help and we were in a position to help so it was the universe speaking."

"You never know where a random act of kindness can multiply, added Gesinski.