'Zeus' the kiteboarding dog has been found

A $3,500 reward has been offered

BREAKING UPDATE: Zeus has been found. An electrician saw the dog at a park in St. Pete with an elderly man. The man says he thought the dog was lost at the Skyway Bridge. The man told the family “Zeus is a really good dog.”


ORIGINAL STORY: A 'famous' Jack Russell Terrier has been reported missing after he was reportedly stolen from a local competition at the Skyway Bridge on Sunday. 

The St. Petersburg Police Department said they received a report of the missing dog under the Skyway Bridge near the North Beach exit sign. 

The dog belongs to 2020 Olympic hopeful Cameron Maramenides. 

'Zeus' is a very talented dog and there are even videos of him riding a kiteboard. He has also appeared in commercials and ads. 

The department said 'Zeus' was in the back of an open pickup truck with a closed gate to secure him. They have reports that an older man in his 60s or 70s was seen petting the dog before allegedly taking off with the dog in a grey Toyota Camry. 

The owner, Dimitri Maramenides, Cameron's father, tells ABC Action News they are offering a $3,500 reward for the return of 'Zeus,' no questions asked. 

They are begging for anyone with information to contact them or the St. Petersburg Police Department. 

You can contact Maramenides at dimitri@epickites.com 

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