Zephyrhills Police investigate toddler's death

Posted at 4:54 PM, Sep 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-25 00:11:45-04

Zephyrhills Police are conducting a suspicious death investigation on a 18-month-old child.  Police say that they received a 911 call at about 4:30 a.m.  about an unresponsive toddler.  When officers arrived at 5831 Apollo Street, they found a young boy lying on his back just inside the entryway of the home.

A female was attempting CPR on the child when officers arrived. First responders took over CPR efforts, but the child could not be revived, and was pronounced deceased a short time later.

"He was such a cute kid," said neighbor Jay Rivera.

Jay Rivera is heartbroken to learn that little boy, 18 month-old Sebastian Lieb has died.  The two women he was living with, Angela Burghy and her wife Kimberly Culp, are facing drug charges and considered persons of interest in the baby's death.

"It's just a shame.  He never had a chance," said Rivera.

Earlier this year, Rivera says he took the baby from Angie Burghy, who was walking down the street with the child.  He thought the baby appeared to be hurt.

"I sensed it right away that the kid had been hit or something." said Rivera.

Rivera called 911 and told EMS he thought the baby had been abused.  He was shocked at what happened next.

"The police were here the next morning probably three or four hours. And obviously nothing happened because i seen the lady that day and both babies were here still," said Rivera.

Early Saturday morning, when he saw police outside the family's home. he knew it wasn't good.  He learned Sebastian was found unresponsive and died.  Another child living with the couple was taken into protective custody.

"My heart hit the ground because I knew it could've been avoided if somebody would've done something about it before," Rivera said.

Zephyrhills Police say they've responded to domestic incidents at Culp and Burghy's home three times this year.  Culp is baby Sebastian's legal guardian.  She's related to his biological parents, who are both in prison in Ohio.

Right now, neighbors are just hoping for answers about what happened to the little boy.

"May he rest in peace and hopefully justice will be served on this one," said Rivera.

An autopsy's being done on Sebastian Lieb figure out how he might've died. Culp and Burghy could face more charges once those results are in.