Boy donates hair to honor teachers' cancer fight

Posted at 3:57 PM, Apr 19, 2016

Devin Price is only 5 years old, but he's already making a difference well beyond his years.

So he started growing his hair with the intention to donate the golden locks on behalf of his kindergarten teacher Mrs. Jenell Perez and speech therapist Paula Millen.

"I wanted to donate my hair because I felt bad," said Devin Price. "My teachers got cancer and lost all their hair."

Millen is in remission and Perez is a cancer survivor already. Perez defeated breast cancer a few years ago but now she faces a new fight, this time with liver cancer.

Like any young person these days, the pledge took the internet by storm. A video of the youngster making the pledge and cutting his hair has been viewed thousands of times.

"I have a lot of thumbs up," Devin said.

"We've had him all year. He's had really long hair, sometimes people would say he looked like a girl and he would be a little sad about it. But we always joked that he was a super hero," said Devin's reading teacher Angel Smith.

Smith said with each inch more classmates at Watergrass Elementary began to take a liking to the idea.

"Some of the girls said, 'Well my hair is actually almost as long as his was, I should do that, too,'" Smith said.

Devin's hair now heads to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, an origination that makes wigs for cancer patients. While the haircut only took a few moments, his inspirational message is sure to stick around a lot longer.