New Crystal Lagoon makes way in Wesley Chapel

Homes starting at $200K
Posted at 4:35 PM, Feb 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-02 17:59:27-05

To get a real idea of the size of the Crystal Lagoon in Wesley Chapel, a hot air balloon ride was in order. From 75 feet up, it's easy to see why the project has garnered so much attention.

"This crystal lagoon is about 7.5 acres in size, it's mostly already excavated," said Uri Man, CEO of Crystal Lagoons U.S. Corp.

Over the next several months the huge dirt lot will transform into a bright blue paradise.

Video provided by officials shows completed Lagoons all over the world from Chili to Mexico. But this will be the first one in the U.S.

At six football fields in length, it's a massive undertaking, but the big question is, where are they going to get all the water to fill it up.

"We made the decision to buy the water from the county in bulk, that way the water can be dispersed in the lagoon," said Greg Singleton with Metro Development Group. "We're going to fill it slowly, and we're going to do it during non peak hours which is going to be much less impactful to the residents,"

Officials also addressed residents concerns over potential sink holes caused by the use of millions of gallons of county water.

"We had tons and tons of experts we hired, that we didn't have to hire, to run a whole analysis of this area, and this particular spot right here is not prone to that kind of situation," said Singleton.

Eventually 2000 homes will be built around the lagoon with 200 people currently on the waiting list to purchase one. Homes are expected to start at $200,000.

The Lagoon is only for residents of the community and will also have a bar and restaurant on the water.

Officials say they'll begin filling it over the next few months with an average depth of 8 feet, the deepest areas around 12 feet.

Officials expect the lagoon to be completed this fall.  

Two more lagoons will also call the sunshine state home. Officials tell us one is planned for Hillsborough County and Fort Myers.