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Vets sky diving mission goes around the world, ending in Zephyrhills

Vets sky diving mission goes around the world, ending in Zephyrhills
Posted at 4:05 PM, Jan 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-19 13:16:25-05

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — High above Pasco County, a group of veterans jumped one final time.

Their mission was seven jumps, on seven continents, in seven days.

Each jump gave one of these guys a chance to honor a fallen service member.

“I’m jumping in honor of Tom Noonan. We saw the world together. He left too soon,” said veteran Jim Wigginton after his jump.

Mike Sarraille is a retired Marine and Navy SEAL who founded Legacy Expeditions, taking veterans on extreme adventures like this one.

“We are blessed that we knew warriors that lived life to the fullest and even more so were prepared to give their lives and stood for something and that’s why we are doing this,” Sarraille said.

The Triple 7 Expedition started in Antarctica on January 9.

Jumps followed in Miami, Barcelona, Cairo, Abu Dhabi and Perth, Australia.

This last jump in Zephyrhills Wednesday was a celebration of all they accomplished with friends and families here to watch.

This jump was done in memory of the 13 service members killed during the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“These men and women left a legacy behind. And the second we stop telling their stories, that’s when their legacies die,” said Sarraille.

The entire project raised money for the Folds of Honor Foundation, giving scholarships to families of fallen service members.

“To be part of this obviously what these guys jump for, all the families that didn’t come home, we are going to step in when they don’t come home and help their families get educated,” said Folds of Honor Vice President Larry Robinson.

The crew says jumping is the easy part.

Getting around the world in a week was the real challenge.

But they want to do it again one day with even more veterans flying high.

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