Pasco student accepted into 5 Ivy League schools

Posted at 5:32 PM, Apr 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-22 00:57:33-04
Right now, your child may be hearing back from colleges and deciding where to go.
One Land O’ Lakes High School senior has nearly a dozen great options, including multiple ivy leagues.
Elizabeth Olatunji shared her advice with us for a successful high school career, outside of academics. 
Many high school students wait for that first college acceptance. 
“I almost cried when I first saw it and I ran outside to call my parents and they were both screaming and happy," Olatunji said.
That e-mail to Olatunji just happened to be from Princeton and didn't stop there. She got into all 11 schools she applied to, five of them Ivy League. 
“It’s incredible for me because neither of my parents actually went to school here in the United States, we came here to America from Nigeria when I was four-years-old," she said.
Olatunji credits her parents, teachers and constant support for her success. The fact that she's a valedictorian probably doesn't hurt either. But she said schools aren't just looking for smarts. 
“I have learned to be well-balanced and I have learned to live that balanced lifestyle to challenge myself academically but also challenge myself physically with things like sports," Olatunji said. 
“Most important on those applications I think (is) if students can put forth their true voice, their inner spirit,"  school counselor at Land O' Lakes High Becky Gleaton said. 
Olatunji plans to take pre-med classes in college, but the question now is which one she'll attend. 
“I’m not 100% sure yet I’m still deciding between Harvard, Yale and Princeton," she said.
She'll have to make that decision by May 1.