St. Leo University hosts graduation for one

Mom-to-be fainted at commencement
Posted at 4:57 PM, Jun 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-08 18:26:15-04
Danielle Bunin is proud to be wearing her cap and gown, graduating with an MBA from St. Leo University. But the exciting moment of being handed her diploma almost didn't happen.
Bunin is seven months pregnant with her second son, and on graduation day in April she had quite a scare.
"I remember feeling hot and wanted to catch some fresh air before we actually made the walk down and on the way out I fell and woke up thinking I was still walking," Bunin said.
She also woke up in the hospital. She had fallen right on her stomach. Thankfully, she and the baby are just fine. But that tumble made her miss graduation. 
"It was not the experience I had expected," said Bunin.
But St. Leo didn't want to leave Danielle disappointed. So it organized a special graduation just for her. The university's president handed Danielle her degree, with her husband, 2-year-old son, Ashton, brother-in-law, and college staff cheering her on.
"I worked so hard the last couple semesters to obtain this, and for everything to come together the way it did, just means the world to me," Bunin said.                  
Danielle says she hopes to prove even little stumbles shouldn't stop anyone, especially moms, from pursuing their dreams.
"Do it. There should be nothing standing in your way. If you have the support system, if you have the drive, just don't wait. That's my biggest thing. Do not wait. Because sometimes you get comfortable in your atmosphere, but you always have to push yourself," Bunin said.
Danielle's family is very proud of her accomplishments, and her determination is even motivating her 75-year-old mom, who is also working toward her MBA at St. Leo.