Sheriff Chris Nocco of the Pasco Sheriff's Office releases statement on Dallas shooting

Posted at 3:55 PM, Jul 08, 2016

Sheriff Chris Nocco of the Pasco Sheriff's Office has released a statement a day after five officers were shot to death at a protest march in Dallas. 

On behalf of the members of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office I would like to thank you, our citizens, for your support. Our deputies have shared with us that many of you have come up to them recently and thanked them for their service. In addition, many have brought food, flowers, and gestures of appreciation to the district offices to show their support of law enforcement. Your demonstration of support is humbling and reminds all of us, in law enforcement, why we serve.
Last night in Dallas was a tragedy, which will live in our hearts forever. To the families of the Dallas Police Department & the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Department that lost loved ones, you have our deepest condolences and prayers. All too often we are seeing tragedies that take after 4th generation warfare in our own communities. As a law enforcement agency we will continue to do everything to train and be prepared to protect our citizens. Every one of us takes an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and the citizens we serve. The safety of your family and our community, in which we live side by side with you, is our number one priority.
I know that the actions that took place by law enforcement officers in other parts of the country have sparked outrage by some. In time the facts and circumstances will be known. Violence, and the killing of law enforcement officers, is destructive to any civilized society. In my opinion, the best path to move forward is prayer: for the healing of hearts, changing of minds and reuniting us as a nation.
In a memo to our members this morning I reminded our members that their work as “peacemakers” is appreciated as they serve with professionalism, discipline, and integrity. Also, that we understand the stress that is placed on their families is overwhelming and we are here to support them also. However, the most impactful form of appreciation is the citizen who walks up to them and says, “thank you” or the child that smiles and waves. For that we are eternally grateful and for that we put our lives on the line to serve you.
May God bless and protect all of us.