Rising waters concern residents along Anclote River

Community heavily damaged by floods one year ago
Posted at 11:17 PM, Aug 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-01 06:38:01-04

Pasco County Emergency Management urged residents who live along the Anclote River at Elfers to keep an eye on water levels. 

"Do the best we can, there's really no preparing for watching water surround your house," said Chris Frost, who lives next to the Anclote River.  

Many neighbors Thursday night were forced to simply wait and watch. 

"This lot here starts to fill in with water because it's overflowed the river banks," Frost showed ABC Action News signs of early flooding on his property.  

Emergency managers expected the river to crest at 19.7 feet Thursday night, just a few inches from hitting minor flood stage. 

"I think at 22, 23 feet it starts to run up underneath the house. 20 feet is barely, just maybe in my yard."

Elfers experienced widespread, damaging floods one year ago this week. It turned the streets into waterways and forced residents from their homes.

"A disaster and a lack of assistance from the county and the government," said Ryan Jared. "One flood I had to literally carry my mom and my dog across the water. There's alligators, there's snakes, there's all kinds of things."  

For Frost, whose family has lived in the Elfers community for 40 years, the risk is worth life on the Anclote River. 

"I love living here. I don't ever want to leave," said Frost. 

Pasco officials are offering residents sandbags at the West Pasco Government Center, 7536 State Street, New Port Richey.