Residents reeling after neighborhood shootout near school

Unclear who killed gunman after deadly shooting
Posted at 5:13 PM, Oct 13, 2017

Investigators in Pasco County still haven't said if a Port Richey man shot and killed himself after a shootout near an elementary school.

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office said Brian Disario first killed a family friend, then fired at deputies.

You can see what looks like bullet holes in at least two homes just across the street from Disario's home.

Richard Strohl checked his home for damage, but didn’t find any.

“No bullet holes on the house, no bullet holes on the fence, but the man did run behind our house.”

Deputies said DiSario has a history of mental illness, and shot and killed family friend David Armstrong.

Investigators said DiSario thought Armstrong was making advances on his girlfriend. But no such woman even exists.

They haven't said how he got a hold of all the guns he had.

Meanwhile, it was a frantic afternoon for those at nearby Gulf Highlands Elementary. The school went on lockdown as Disario pointed a gun in that direction. Some kids were too afraid to go back to school Friday, although many returned.

“It was very sad. You hate to hear things like that, someone get killed. And then a shootout with police officers. It was a big surprise to hear something in your own neighborhood,” said Strohl.