Video shows thieves stealing from donation bins

Port Richey police investigating
Posted at 11:21 PM, Jun 17, 2016

It's a shameful sight and its caught on camera. Two people surrounding a donation bin in Port Richey however they weren't dropping off but picking up.

The video shows them rummaging through clothing, taking what they like and throwing what they don't on ground.

"It breaks my heart," said one Goodwill shopper.

"I'm just appalled, I can't believe it," said another.

The video captured Thursday at Fox Hollow and US 19 clearly show the thieves diving head first into the bin.

The person behind the camera clearly disgusted by what he's seeing.

"People rely on the donations and money from donations to help their families out," said Janise Ilion, a Goodwill customer. "Some people can't afford to go to the mall or buy named brand so they come here to Goodwill."

Officials with Goodwill say when donations are stolen, it impacts their entire business.

When people donate, the sale of the clothing or other items funds programs such as job training.

County officials say the problem has reached the point where they are now taking action.

"Who in their right mind goes through bins of donations and steps all over the stuff they don't want," said Heidi Abatiello.

An ordinance is being considered that could require donations bins to be more secure and checked more often.

However the video has many we spoke with today considering dumping the bins all together by handing their items off personally at Goodwill donation centers.

"You definitely need to bring them right to a location, if they're out there taking them before people that need them, we're donating them for a reason," said donor Nicki Mcclintock.