Residents return home after 6 days of evacuations in Pasco County

Posted at 4:09 AM, Sep 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-08 04:28:33-04

After six days in a hotel, 89-year-old Margaret Surrena is finally back home.

"They couldn't get the water out of the roads, we couldn't get out, we couldn't come in, we couldn't do anything," said Surrena.

She along with another two dozen living at Suncoast Gateway Mobile Home Park left everything behind with hopes it would be there when they returned.

"You can see the water marks, see down there, that's where the water came and it came through the shed and out here onto the whole driveway," said Surrena.

Surrena is feeling some relief. She's going to have to replace her washer/dryer and AC unit. Fortunately water never made its way into her home.

More than a dozen other homes in the park weren't so lucky.

"This one lasted quite a while," said Al Falkman. "After the storm went through we had the feeder bands come by and come by and it just kept raining and raining."

Falkman has been through this before, five times in fact. That's why he decided to wait it out at home. But as the water continued to rise so did the 75-year-old's blood pressure.

"I just put in a $2400 wood floor last year and I'm praying during all of this, I don't care if it comes up a bit but please don't ruin my floor," said Falkman.

His floor made it but his AC unit did not.

The park continued to pump water out of the streets Wednesday as people begin their slow return home.

"It gets a little scary, you don't know whats wrong with your house because you're not there," said Surrena.

Despite her fear, she says she loves her home and typically sunny Florida, so she won't be going anywhere.