PD: Sex offender knocks on woman's door, asks for money before attacking her in Pinellas County

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — A registered sex offender was arrested early Tuesday morning after deputies say he went to a woman's house late at night, demanded money, grabbed her by the neck, and later attacked a Sheriff's Office K-9.

Deputies say Ralph Baynard Hudson, 51, did not know the woman, but knocked on her door and asked her for $60. When she told him to leave, he reportedly forced his way into the home, grabbed the woman by the neck and shoved her to the floor. He also admitted to stealing a jewelry box.

Following that encounter, Hudson ran into the woods, where Pinellas County K-9 Ronin was tracking him.

Hudson grabbed the dog by the head and ears and started to pull at and strike Ronin in the head, deputies say.

Eventually, Ronin released the suspect, and Hudson was arrested. He is charged with Burglary; (Battery) and Battery on a Police Animal.


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