Pasco report card delay could end soon

New program glitch led to problems
Posted at 6:41 PM, Jan 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-24 18:41:00-05

Students at Sunlake High School are hearing all kinds of different reasons as to why they still haven’t gotten report cards.

“They said that the system was like messed up,” said sophomore Lauryn Beacham.

“I heard something was wrong with the internet,” said sophomore Genesis Gonzalez.

“Some of the teachers are saying maybe its the print, because last time we got them, our reports cards, the print was so small you could barely read it,” said Beacham.

Report cards in Pasco County were supposed to be out January 17th. Then January 20th. Now the month is almost over. And still nothing.

“I guess its kind of a relief for some of us. Some people don’t have the best grades,” said Beacham.

So we went to John Simon, the director of technology for the school district, to find out what the hold up is.

‘’We are doing our best to make sure what we put out to parents is the correct information and accurate information,” said Simon.

According to Simon, the problem was caused by a major switch to a new software system.

Pasco not only puts the current grades on report cards, but past semesters too. And the new program wasn’t dealing with that so well.

“Grades weren’t wrong. It was more that they were missing. Or it printed them on multiple lines if the child had moved between classes. It might print one on one line, one on another instead of blending them together,” said Simon.

The district stands by the new software that cost $1.3 million to install and about $245,000 a year in licensing fees.

They said they’ve worked out the bugs and going over a final review, hoping to have report cards delivered by the end of the week.

The delay has caused some concern for seniors applying to colleges and for athletes who’s playing time is based on good grades.

“It’s pretty strange. So people it’s cool for them. And some people it’s not,” said Sunlake basketball player Jamal Wright.

Even without report cards, parents can keep an eye on their kids grades through the parent portal available on the school district’s website.